Netizen shares alleged truth behind Noven Belleza r**e allegation

The alleged sexual assault

After being shown around the city, Noven decided to go back to the condo where he was staying. Ana, out of concern for his safety, decided to accompany the singer. The group, which also included two others and Noven’s manager, even ate at a 7-11 store before returning to the condo.

When they reached Noven’s room, Ana asked if she could use the toilet. She was not expecting any bad things to happen since they were with other people in the room.

But when she get out, Ana noticed the room was silent and everybody was nowhere to be found, except for Noven.

The 22-year-old Ilonggo singer, allegedly, then started harassing her, threatening Ana she can’t leave unless she agrees with what he wants.

Ana tried to resist and fought off his advances, but Noven was far stronger. To cut the story short, Noven allegedly managed to consummate his evil plan, according to the story.

Not for the money

In an interview with, Rethy Rosa maintained this version of the story is true, and it was never for the money on Ana’s part.

Ana and her family were also hurt by the b*****g she received from netizens on social media who did not even know what really transpired.

“Yun lang po ang maitutulong ko, yung mailabas yung katotohanan through media [This is the least I can do, to reveal the truth through media],” Rethy said.

Read the full story below and discern if you may: