PAO chief blasts lie detector test for Dexter Carlos: Police engaging in a fishing expedition

  • Public Attorney’s Office chief scored plan to subject widower in Bulacan massacre to polygraph test
  • She said cops engaged in a fishing expedition, is asking them to reconsider
  • VACC also scored police for possible bungling, said it favors probe though

MANILA, Philippines  –  Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) chief Atty. Rueda Persida-Acosta blasted plans by police to subject Dexter Carlos to a lie detector test; saying they were engaging in a “fishing expedition” against him.

“The police is in a fishing expedition for evidence against Dexter dahil nung una ay wala silang nakita na [because at the start they did see any] evidence against Dexter. Not a single evidence came out linking Dexter to the crime. Hence, there is no basis to conduct a polygraph test with Dexter,” she told GMA News.

Asking the police to reconsider their plan, Acosta also shared in her Facebook account a ruling by the Supreme Court declaring lie detector results as generally inadmissible in this jurisdiction because of uncertainty over their reliability.

Carlos’ family of five were found massacred inside their home in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan last June 27. He was not originally included in the “persons of interest” in the case until a few days ago.

For its part, the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) also blasted the police for belatedly including Carlos in its investigation.

“Kasi po, sa ibang bansa, tsaka ‘yung proper crime investigation, nag-uumpisa sa pamilya, sa neighbors,” spokesperson Boy Evangelista said.

[In other countries, and in a proper crime investigation, it starts with the family and neighbors.]

However, Evangelista said they nevertheless are in favor of having Carlos probed.

“‘Yung sympathy goes with the family,  pero hindi ‘yun exemption sa investigation,” he said.

[My sympathy goes with the family, but that’s enough to warrant an exemption from the investigation.]

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