Parojinog lawyer Atty. Topacio questions search warrant

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MANILA, Philippines  –  Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, one of the lawyers of the Parojinog family, has questioned the implementation of search warrant served by the authorities during the early morning raid on Sunday, July 30.

Topacio told reporters on Monday they were not shown copies of the 6 search warrants against Ozamis City Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog and members of his family including his daughter and two siblings that were used in the operation which resulted in the death of 15 people.

“Early today in Camp Crame, we asked for the copies of the search warrants but nothing was given to us from which we could have checked if the warrants were served right,” Topacio said in Filipino.

“Because for a warrant to be served during the night, there must be some conditions,” he added.

Topacio added there are certain rules and guidelines in serving a warrant the police must observe, describing what happened in the mayor’s house as a “routine service of a search warrant that turned into a massacre.”

The lawyer also questioned why the CCTVs were ‘paralyzed’ and vowed to get to the bottom of the case.

Topacio said he will push for the release of the Parojinog siblings if the authorities fail to file any charges against them within the required 36 hours.

Meanwhile, another lawyer of the Parojinog also denounced the Philippine National Police for not allowing him to accompany his clients when they were taken to the Custodial Center in Camp Crame.

“When we were at the blue gate, there [were] personnel, I think officers who stopped when I introduced to them I am the lawyer. They told me ‘you can stop there, attorney, that’s how far you can go,’” said lawyer Lawrence Carin.

Clarin likewise insisted the transfer of the Parojinog siblings to Manila was illegal; saying the trial should be conducted in Ozamis City where the alleged crime – illegal possession of firearms and explosives, and possession of illegal drugs – were committed.

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