Police deny EJK-ing persons of interest in Bulacan massacre, urge public to let law take its course

Image capture from ABS-CBN's video
  • Bulacan police chief denied hand in killing of persons of interest in Bulacan massacre case
  • He urged public to let law take its course, said they are presumed innocent until proven guilty
  • He also denied prime suspect’s claim of torture, said he confessed to crime on his own

MANILA, Philippines  –  The chief of the Bulacan Provincial Police Office has denied the involvement of cops in the deaths of three persons of interest in the Bulacan massacre.

“Unang-una, gusto kong linawin na ang Bulacan PPO did not and will not tolerate extrajudicial killings of persons of interest na sina Inggo, Ponga, and Tony kaugnay sa pagkamatay ng pamilya ni Dexter Carlos,” Senior Supt. Romeo Caramat told GMA News.

[First of all, I want to make clear that Bulacan Provincial Police Office did and will not tolerate extrajudicial killings of persons of interest Inggo, Ponga, and tony in connection to the killing of Dexter Carlos’ family.]

Rolando Pacinos (Inggo), and Rosevelt Sorema (Ponga), and Anthony Garcia (Tony) were found dead on separate occasions.

Although he understood why some would want these people, Caramat urged the public to let the law take its course against those responsible.

“Although naiintindihan namin na maraming quarters sa ating lipunan ang nagagalit at gustong mamatay itong mga persons of interest, but sabi ko we are governed by laws, due process,” he said.  “Alam naman namin na itong persons of interest na kailan ay sunod sunod na pinaslang ay hindi pa naman guilty at itinuturing na innocent unless proven otherwise.”

[Although we understand that there are many quarters in our society who are angry and who want these persons of interest, but as I’ve said, we are governed by laws, due process. We know that these persons of interest who were killed one by one were not guilty yet and are presumed innocent unless proven otherwise.]

Caramat also denied prime suspect Carmelino “Miling” Ibañes’ claim that he was tortured; saying the latter made his confession voluntarily without coercion.

“Ang kaso ni Miling siya ay umamin (siya) sa magulang (niya) bago siya dinala sa police station, walang nagbintang sa kanya,  siya ay kusang umamin,” he said.

[In Miling’s case, he confessed to his parents before he was brought to the police station, no one accused him, he confessed on his own.]