Priest charged with aggravated assault in road rage incident

Image via Martin County Sheriff's Office

A priest from North Carolina faces assault charges after he pulled out a gun in a road rage incident, officials say.

Rev. William Rian Adams, 35, was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to k**l after pulling out a gun near Palm City in Florida, according to Florida Highway Patrol.

A 24-year-old driver of a Chevrolet Silverado said he was traveling north at mile marker 125 near Palm City on Wednesday when the Corvette made attempts to brake-check his Silverado, according to the report.

When the Silverado driver tried passing the other car, the Corvette driver pointed a semi-automatic handgun at him, troopers said via USA Today.

Adams told investigators that the truck attempted to pass him and that one of the occupants rolled down a window and yelled something at him, compelling him to brandish the gun.

The North Carolina priest said that the gun was not loaded at the time.

Adams posted a bail of $15,000.