Raffy Tulfo in Action: OFW’s children receive photos of their mom with alleged BF in Macau

Image capture of video by Raffy Tulfo in Action

A mother of three, working as an OFW in Macau, is being pleaded by her three very young children to go back home. Three kids have expressed being hurt after receiving on messenger photos of their mother with another man and have sought the help of Raffy Tulfo in Action.

As seen on the screenshot via Raffy Tulfo in Action, the man’s arm is stretched towards the married woman ‘Diana.’ She denies the allegations, saying that the man in the controversial photo is not her boyfriend, and that the photo was taken in jest during a ‘group date’ with friends. Proving the claim is the 3rd person behind the camera, as it was only a joke, she said.

Image capture of video by Raffy Tulfo in Action

It is not clear though who sent the photo to the ‘messenger’ of her eldest child, but apparently, it wasn’t the first time the children have been receiving controversial images.

On another instance, the kids received a photo captioned: “your mom’s new boyfriend.” The mother explained that the person who sent that has already asked for an apology; saying it was only a joke.

Image capture of video by Raffy Tulfo in Action

This irked the host of Radyo Singko 92.3 FM Raffy Tulfo; saying that children’s emotions should not be subjected to jokes of that kind, especially if it involves their own mother.

The unnamed children begged for their mother to go back home, and patch things up with their father; the husband of Diana. However, she stood firm over her decision that it’s all over between the two of them as they only quarrel all the time.

Diana also said that the kids’ father, Jovanni, has been shaming her online, posting their family’s photo, and saying things like “this married woman chose to go with another man rather than her own family.”

She further said that things are bound not to be ok again with her husband.

The middle child told Diana that “yes you are working there, but you don’t even send us provisions,” followed up by the youngest, a little girl with her innocent voice, saying: “isang beses lang nga po kayo nagpadala eh” [you only sent once]. The mother denied the accusations, saying that she intended to not send provisions so that their father should work, but instead, she sends the cash and goods to the grandmother, which the latter brings to the children weekly.

Raffy Tulfo in Action did his best to calm the situation. Watch him give his advice for the children’s sake: