Show must go on! Sarah G slips, continues performance like nothing happened

Image via Twitter (@acacsales)

Sarah Geronimo looked breathtaking this Sunday on ASAP wearing black leather pants, a giant pink fur partnered with red-tinted glasses as she performed on stage with Little Mix’s “Power.”

However, in the middle of her performance she loses her balance while singing and dancing and lands on the floor but like the professional that she is, she didn’t let that stop her and so embraces her fall with grace, gets up and continues the performance like nothing happened.

Sarah G who turns 29 this Tuesday is celebrating her birthday on the show. A lot of people from twitter lauded her for her talent and professionalism on stage.

Way to go , Sarah!

Click the image to watch full video on ABS-CBN.

Image capture of video by ABS CBN


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ABS-CBN, Twitter