Success story: Pinoy went abroad as a chef, now a big-time ‘wire artist’

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Racso Jugarap, a 28-year-old wire artist from the Philippines now based in Brussels, Belgium weaves wires into very creative artworks that is now being recognized all over the world. His interior design pieces have made it to galleries, homes, and offices in Belgium, France, and Italy, all the way to New York and California in the United States.

Just like any other success story, Racso’s started with obstacles and disappointments.

Racso reportedly never went to formal art school. But when he was a child, he used to play and tinker with leftover wire from his parents’ jewelry store workshop in General Santos City.

In 2009, Racso worked as a chef in Germany. And after all those years working as a chef, Racso’s inner artist finally stood up. Last year, he finally decided to embrace his one true passion and become a full-time wire artist working from the basement of his home at the foreign country.

His first project was woven wires into the shape of an ostrich egg. He reached out to about two hundred galleries in Belgium to market his wire-made ostrich eggs only to be turned down or ignored.

But the rejections only served to fuel his determination. While sending email after email to prospective galleries, he also began posting his works on social media.

Ostrich egg wire pieces displayed in a gallery in NYC. Image by:

It wasn’t long until a home design gallery in New York City discovered his ostrich eggs online, sent an order for the wire pieces, and promoted them on social media. Soon thereafter, he started receiving invitations from various galleries in Belgium and other European countries.

And now, Racso has about ten different wire creations; each with its own name and significance.

Aside from home design pieces, Racso also makes wire accessories including a neck corset which will be worn by performers.

His creations are now showcased in several art and home design galleries in different locations in Europe and the United States.

Racso’s artworks will be featured this July in a showroom open door event in the Belgian city of Kortrijk, at the Brussels Expo in August, and at Maison et Objet in Paris in September.

Just recently he shared his “very first white KAYA on his Facebook and Instagram accounts:

Watch his creative hands at work in this feature video by The Inquirer shared on YouTube: