Taiwan judge rules reading wife’s messages and not replying a ground for divorce

Image from Wevorce

A judge in Taiwan has ruled in a recent landmark case that reading a wife’s messages and not replying to them could be aground for divorce.

The case involved a woman surnamed Lin who claimed she had move out of the couple’s home in May 2016 after being treated poorly by her in-laws.

Two months later in July, she was involved in a car accident and was rushed to a hospital for treatment.

The messages she sent to her husband then were screenshot and presented to the court as evidence in the divorce case.

The messages were (in Chinese):

“Hubby, you know where I am, why don’t you visit me?”

“I got into a car accident, I’m in the ICU!”

“Hubby, I’m in the hospital ward.”

“Hubby, why do you keep reading my messages but not replying?”

“Hubby, is it necessary for things to become so cold between husband and wife?”

“Hubby, are you just going to be so ruthless and not ask me anything?”

“Hubby, why do you treat me like this?”

The wife said her husband never replied to any of the messages she sent.

Thus, according to The Star Online, the court said that reading the messages and not replying to any of them showed the state of their marriage.

The court granted her a divorce; saying “the foundations of the union had fallen apart.”