Taxi driver with 2 records of honesty asks Tulfo’s help to halt Maegan Aguilar from accusing him of theft and illicit relationship with operator

Image by Raffy Tulfo in Action, Youtube

Maegan Aguilar, the daughter of iconic Pinoy musician Freddie Aguilar, posted on social media about a taxi driver who allegedly robbed her Sunday night (July 23, 8pm). The taxi driver’s party, however, denied the allegations and brought their voice to one of Raffy Tulfo’s shows to seek help.

The Backstory

In a Facebook post Monday, Maegan Aguilar asked netizens to help her track down the taxi driver who robbed her Sunday night.

In the post, Aguilar said she took a white Avanza Nimble cab with plate number WIW 727 from Cubao at around 8pm and asked the driver to take her to Santolan, Pasig.

Maegan has already reported the incident to 911, the LTFRB, even the MMDA but no action had been taken for days.

Aguilar’s original Facebook post has already been deleted, but you can read it on this link reported by Abante.

Both parties speak up at Raffy Tulfo’s program

  • It turned out that the taxi driver had proven records of good deeds, especially returning passenger’s lost items; not once, but twice.
  • According to the taxi driver, he had no intent of stealing Aguilar’s items; in fact, he reported it right away to his operator.
  • Aguilar insisted that the taxi driver had intentionally stolen from her, and kept on posting negative, shameful allegations, like the taxi driver has an indecent relationship with his operator.
  • The taxi driver, together with his wife and the operator, went to Raffy Tulfo to patch things up and ask assistance to stop Aguilar from the degrading accusations that she kept spreading on social media.
  • The taxi driver’s children were, of course, hurt over the allegations and couldn’t focus in school due to the lies being thrown at their family name.
  • What slightly aggravated Mr. Raffy Tulfo is why Aguilar had to make up such stories which were personal aside from being lies.
  • Aguilar stood firm til the end; saying, what about the people who bash her on social media. And whatever the actions that should have been done earlier by responsible parties, if the intent was honest, was already too late.

Watch the video, and you be the judge: