Thousands of money blown in the wind made motorists ditch their cars on this road

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Frantic motorists left their cars in a busy road after seeing thousands of pounds worth of cash blowing in the wind. Passersby, including a pregnant woman, and almost every person at the moment were seen jumping around desperately trying to grab as many bank notes as possible.

The road in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, went into chaos as people ran to stuff and fill their pockets with the £10 and £20 notes. ( £10 = Php 653.06)

A witness told The Sun : “Literally thousands of £10 and £20 notes just blowing everywhere. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

“It’s actually quite a very busy and dangerous road, so I was shocked when people disregarded that to swipe as much cash as they could.”

Essex Police were called to the scene after someone reported seeing a motorcyclist carrying a large amount of cash.

A spokesman of the Police said: “We were contacted shortly before 8.30pm on Saturday, July 1, with a report of a motorcyclist acting suspiciously in Epping New Road, Buckhurst Hill.

“He was seen with large quantities of cash. Officers searched the area but he was not located,” the spokesman said.

The road is very close to the Bank of England’s printing works in Loughton, where new ‘paper cash’ are made and old ones incinerated.

But the printing works deny the cash is theirs – and nobody else has come forward to claim it.

No video footage of the incident has been reported yet, but think about it. Who in their right mind would take pictures and selfies and record a video while money is scattered and people all around you are getting crazy to grab as much as they could?

But for us to at least have an idea what it looks like or feels like in real life, here’s a couple of videos from YouTube that shows it really rained money!

Source :

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