Trending video: Judy Ann goes to mall without bodyguards, praised by people online

Image via YouTube

Simplicity. Humility.

These are the things that people admire most about actress Judy Ann Santos — and she, somehow, deserves these praises.

On YouTube, a video of Santos while wandering around a mall without any bodyguard has been getting a lot of good comments from people online.

“So queen. Humble at simple. That’s why she is the prime superstar at Reyna ng Masang Pilipino,” JB wrote.

“Can’t stop smiling while this,” said SD.

“Aaaaawww that’s why I love juday,” SM expressed.

In the video, it can be seen how excited fans rushed to have a selfie with her and she happily welcomed them. She was even the one holding the camera sometimes.

As of posting, the video is the number 21 trending on YouTube. Watch:

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