[VIDEO] Brokenhearted guy found by friends inside washing machine

Image by Youtube, News Info Ph

People give it their all, give it their best, mostly give their 100% when they fall in love.

When you finally found that special someone who you fancy to be a ‘soulmate’, in millennial’s term  your ‘forever,’ you just can’t help but dream of your future together; everything seem to revolve around him/her. But just like everything in this world, everything has an end; some ‘til death, some too soon, and it all just shatters when it’s finally over.

“Lonely is the night,” “how do I live without you,” “umiiyak ang puso ko’t sumisigaw,” famous lines of songs that is just right to cry with. Whenever someone is heartbroken, it is just normal to let the feelings explode. Whoever said “boys don’t cry?” (isn’t that a song title?)

Well, boys do cry  when the trapped emotions finally build up and get the best of them. Not trying to make this funny, but admit it, you have cried at least once in your life when it seemed you just couldn’t take it anymore and you just get emotional right on the spot. Some people cry at gutters, some at bars, some at public places, inside a room, in the car, and some, even inside a washing machine.

It’s a good thing that good friends are always there, to comfort you when you’re down and troubled, and you need a helping hand, (that’s another song line by the way!) to laugh with you when you’re high (not on drugs), and even laugh at you if you do weird things, but man, they love you! And that’s what matters, somehow. Someone will always accept us for who we are.

Such is the video that you are about to see: Nagmahal, nasaktan, natagpuan sa WASHING MACHINE!  let’s watch this:

Where do broken hearts go? Normal spin or emotions drier?