[Video] Saudi groom rides trailer truck to his wedding reception

Image from You Tube video via Gulf News

Netizens in Saudi Arabia are divided on how to react to a viral video showing a groom arriving at his own wedding reception aboard a vehicle not everyone was expecting – a trailer truck.

The video was recently shared on social media, according to Gulf News; amusing some of the viewers.

However, not all netizens find the groom’s antic funny; saying it has gone a bit far and actually destroyed the spirit of romanticism which any wedding should have been made of.

The ceremony took place in Jouf, in northern part of Saudi Arabia recently.

In the short clip, well-wishers can be seen welcoming the groom aboard a trailer head followed by a convoy of vehicles.

“It is a different concept and it is great fun. My heartiest congratulations and do not allow yourself to be put down by people who do not appreciate your sense of humor. May God bless you at all times and may your existence as a couple be filled with joy and tenderness,” Gulf News quoted one commenter as saying.

But an obviously disappointed netizen criticized the groom for his stunt.

“May God curse you for the deplorable lack of common sense and the despicable absence of romanticism on what is supposed to be the most auspicious evening for a couple of hearts to be united through love and mutual respect,” he said.

The article did not say whether the bride and his family were amused or embarrassed.



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Gulf News