Viral: Uber driver made cancer patients walk to the hospital — so she could go home quicker

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  • Man fuming over Uber driver for unprofessional behavior towards wife and daughter
  • He said she made them walk to The Medical City so she could go home quicker
  • He is planning to file a complaint against driver and Uber

MANILA, Philippines  –  One Uber driver may have totally missed the point of how her company works after she  allegedly made two women passengers —and cancer patients at that — walk to the hospital instead of driving them there.

In a scathing Facebook post, John Lesaca, the complainant, recounted how the driver — a certain Anie Agbayani — behaved poorly towards his wife and daughter who were seeking treatment for their cancer at The Medical City.

According to Lesaca, Agbayani, after picking up his wife and daughter from Varsity Hills along Katipunan Avenue last Friday afternoon, drove recklessly en route to The Medical City where they were scheduled to receive treatment for their cancer.

“She drove dangerously. She ran thru the Abada-Alvero intersection without stopping, kept on changing lanes thru C5 and Ortigas traffic, counter-flowed around the island at Ortigas cor Green Meadows to get ahead of two cars in front of us. She put 2 medical patients’ lives in danger due to her reckless driving,” he said; adding that Agbayani also stressed them out with her unprofessionalism.

“She munched on a pack of Mr. Chips and drove with cheese on her fingers, sent audio messages to someone she was corresponding with on her mobile phone, and sang along to Alanis Morisette’s album on loop,” he said.

For Lesaca, however, the last straw was when Agbayani allegedly told his wife and daughter to just walk to The Medical City after reaching a stoplight at the corner of Ortigas and Green Meadow Avenues.

The reason? So she could cut her travel time home by not having to go around The Medical City, and because she claimed her knees were shaking having been driving since 4 AM.

Lesaca said his wife and daughter had to endure the rain as well as the smoke emissions from the vehicles until they finally reached the hospital premises.

“They arrived at the hospital’s radiation oncology center literally sick, wet, tired, very stressed out and angry,” he said. “All Oncologists will declare that stress will always be a contributory factor to cancer, and its possible remission. Getting wet under the rain will surely exacerbate their lowered immune systems as well.”

Ending his post, Lesaca said he will press charges against Uber and Agbyani for putting his wife and daughter through that ordeal.

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