Viral: Woman cries sexual harassment inside bus, gets bashed for not fighting back

Image from Kaye Domingo's Facebook account
  • Woman claimed she was sexually harassed by fellow passenger inside bus
  • She posted a video, and pictures of alleged harasser on her Facebook
  • Many commenters twitted her for not fighting back, said she may have even enjoyed it
  • Supporters chided critics for victim-blaming

MANILA, Philippines  –  A mini-civil war has erupted in the local online community over a woman’s post claiming sexual harassment — with critics scoring her for not fighting back and supporters urging a stop to victim-shaming.

In her post on her Facebook account, Kaye Domingo — a student of De La Salle-College of St. Benilde – recounted how her fellow passenger whom she described as a 40-50-year-old man continuously groped her while they were riding a bus going to Vito Cruz.

According to Domingo, she didn’t fight back out of fear and pretended to continue sleeping while the man did his deed discreetly.

It was only when she finally reached her stop did she confront the man and slap him — once while both of them were disembarking, and again when they were finally outside the bus.

Domingo also shared a video and several pictures of the man as proof of the incident.

Didn’t Fight Back?

However, many commenters who saw Domingo’s post criticized her for not fighting back — with some even implying she probably enjoyed being groped and was just out for attention.

Others also blasted her for mentioning President Rodrigo Duterte as someone who encourage sexual harassment with his statements; saying he had no  connection to the incident whatsoever.

In response, Domingo twitted her critics for placing the blame on her instead of her attacker.

“So many people are blaming me even if I was harassed, victimized. Know that you are no different from that middle-aged man who violated me and I pity you so much for being part of a society that thinks rape is okay; harassment is okay; that what he did was okay,” she said; adding that it was not her fault her fear stopped her from effectively defending herself. Stop Victim-Shaming

Not all of the comments on Domingo’s posts were adversarial, however, as some urged their peers to stop blaming the victim and instead on the wrongful act done by the man.

Facebook page Catcalled in the Philippines also came to Domingo’s defense with a series of posts; saying Filipinos should really stop shaming the victims and instead focus on the perpetrator.

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