Wag the dog? Fariñas says Anderson leaked own FB post to cover up BOC’s shabu-smuggling issue

Image from DU30 News' Facebook page
  • Majority Speaker hits BOC chief’s top aide, said she intentionally leaked her own FB post
  • He accused her of using tiff with Alvarez to cover up BOC’s failure to prevent entry of shabu
  • He also vowed continuation of inquiry by House on drug-smuggling problem

MANILA, Philippines – House Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas accused Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon’s chief-of-staff Mandy Anderson of intentionally leaking her Facebook post calling House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez an imbecile in order to divert attention away from the BOC’s shabu-smuggling problem.

“Who could have leaked her private post if not she herself and her cohorts in order to divert the public from the House investigation of the successful smuggling of more than P5 billion pesos worth of shabu through the BOC Express Lane?” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

Fariñas said Alvarez’s demeanor during the congressional inquiry proved that she and her boss had been planning the scheme all along to cover up their supposed incompetence in stopping the entry of the drugs.

“During the hearing, Atty. Anderson in a gleeful mood claimed that her post was private and although she apologized to me and the other members of the House, she did not apologize to the Speaker,” he said. “Hindsight is the best sight—isn’t the dragging of the name of the Speaker a clear attempt to divert the issue on the BOC’s ineptitude, given all the former military officials in its leadership?”

“Were it not for China’s apprehension in Xiamen of the source of the shabu and its alerting the BOC of the smuggling of almost a ton of shabu, the BOC’s ‘Express Lane’ would have successfully facilitated P5B worth of shabu into our country,” he added.

Calling Anderson’s act a “clear machination”, Fariñas also stressed that the House will continue to hold hearings on Customs’ drug problem despite all the sensationalism brought on by the tiff between her and Alvarez.