Watch: Claudine reports her 2-year-old adopted child’s basher to NBI

Images via YouTube and Instagram
  • Actress Claudine Barretto reported to the National Bureau of Investigation the basher of her two-year-old adopted daughter
  • Barretto filed a complaint against Instagram user Peggy Enriquez who called little Quia a ‘batang lansangan [street child]’ and ugly
  • Barretto hopes  her complaint before the NBI Cybercrime Division would serve as a lesson to cyberbullies

“She (Quia) cannot talk. She cannot defend herself.” 

This is what compelled actress Claudine Barretto to troop to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and report the basher of her two-year-old adopted child, Quia.

In an article written by Virgil Lopez of GMA News, it was disclosed that Barretto has filed a formal complaint against an Instagram user named Peggy Enriquez, who called Quia a “batang lansangan” [street child] and ugly on social media.

“She (Quia) cannot talk. She cannot defend herself. God gave her to me and it’s my duty and responsibility to be a mother and to protect my child…. I cannot fight all the battles of my children but those that I’m supposed to fight because they’re young and they have no voice, I will. ‘Pag anak mo na ang tinira, wala tayong sinasanto,” she expressed.

Asked about reports that Enriquez is willing to make a public apology, Barretto said: “It’s too late. If she did it the first day, second day but right now?”

NBI Cybercrime Division Chief Martini Cruz said Enriquez might face charges for violation of Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act (Republic Act 9262) and Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act (Republic Act 7610).

Barretto hopes her complaint before the NBI Cybercrime Division would serve as lesson to any person committing cyberbullying.

Watch the report about Claudine Barretto’s filing of complaint at the National Bureau of Investigation: