Watch: ‘Dabarkad’ Julia Clarete’s life away from the limelight

Image via Facebook

Do you miss Eat Bulaga Dabarkad Julia Clarete?

In 2016, Clarete, who is Edda Giselle Rosetta Nuñez Clarette in real life, surprised everyone when she announced that she is leaving Eat Bulaga after 10 years due to personal reasons. She also mentioned that she wants to spend more time with her Irish boyfriend of more than half a decade.

Now in Malaysia, Clarete is living a happy and simple life away from the limelight. She has found a fun way of learning Malay by reading the adventures of Mickey and Minnie.

At home, she relishes the company of her son, Sebastian; nicknamed Beans. Sometimes, she simply enjoys quiet evenings in beautiful places in Kuala Lumpur, while other times, she goes out with her friends.

Early in June, GMA network featured her cute son Beans in a photo-filled article; showing the huge bonding by mother and son. No wonder she’s so fulfilled having a family of her own.

She has also been meeting some Filipinos in Malaysia; making the country feel so much like home. She even met Susan who is an avid fan of GMA-7 and Eat Bulaga.

Meanwhile, despite being away from the country, Clarete is still doing her best to serve her fellow Filipinos. To note, the Philippine Embassy in Malaysia earlier recognized her invaluable support to the Alternative Learning Initiative for Filpino children in Sabah.

At present, Clarete actively shares updates on her life through her Facebook page.

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