[Watch] Game of Thrones opening theme played with ethnic Filipino instruments by UP folk ensemble

Image by Youtube

The ‘Kontemporaryong Gamelan Pilipino’ (Kontra-GaPi), the resident ethnic music & dance ensemble of the College of Arts & Letters, University of the Philippines, did a very Filipino sound on “Game of Thrones” opening soundtrack.

Using traditional Filipino instruments such as the tongatong, kubing, gangsa and kulintang, Kontra-GaPi played the catchy tune from the hit HBO series through the guidance of Art Studies Professor Edru Abraham.

The group also wore traditional garments; giving fellow Filipino viewers and listeners goose bumps and a sense of pride.

The video was uploaded on Sky Cable’s social media accounts as part of its promotion for the “Game of Thrones” Season 7 premiere. As of posting, Sky Cable’s Facebook post has garnered 858,000 views and more than 9,200 shares.

Watch (or shall we say ‘listen to’) the video by SKYcable: