Young dad faces probe after photo of him making toddler son drink liquor circulated online

Image from Pinoy Abroad TV
  • A young dad may face probe for making toddler son drink liquor
  • A photo of the incident was uploaded online and was heavily criticized
  • The young dad claimed the liquor bottle contained iced tea

A photo of a young father making his toddler son drink what appeared to be a popular brand of an alcoholic drink circulated online and was heavily criticized.

The photo was uploaded on a social media site by a friend of the 20-year-old dad and was re-uploaded by Pinoy Abroad TV on its Facebook page. It showed the shirtless young boy in diapers and wearing a big silver necklace drinking straight from the liquor bottle held by his father.

According to Sun Star, a concerned citizen recognized the place where the picture was taken and reported it to local officials who quizzed the young dad and his friend who snapped and uploaded the picture online about the incident.

The young father claimed that the bottle did not contain alcoholic drink but just iced tea. He said he, together with his friend, will issue a public apology via the same social media site where the photo was originally posted.

Cebu City Department of Social Welfare and Development said it will conduct a probe and said the two young men may face charges for violating Republic Act 7610, which protects children from abuse, exploitation and discrimination.