100x more potent than cyanide? 1 dead, 2 hospitalized after eating pufferfish

Image capture of video by ABS CBN via Youtube

A man died of poisoning after eating a puffer fish at Carcar City, Cebu.

The victim was identified as Federito Solon, while his friends Jerry Raagas and Orimo Lastima were hospitalized.

According to Lastima, he immediately drank gata [coconut milk] after feeling terrible when they ate the fish. Perhaps that’s why he didn’t suffer the same ill fate as their friend.

The doctor said the three may have possibly eaten the puffer fish’s laman loob [internal organs/guts] which led to them getting poisoned.

The pufferfish, as defined in Wikipedia,  is a family of fish with about 100 species. They are also known as the blowfishfuguswellfish, and globefish. They are called the pufferfish because when they are threatened, they puff up to about twice their normal size by gulping water. In this enlarged state, the pufferfish can swim at only about half their normal speed.

Pufferfish are generally believed to be the second-most poisonous vertebrates in the world, after the golden poison frog. They use tetrodotoxin, a powerful neurotoxin.

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources issued a  warning not to eat puffer fish, locally known as butete, after local fishermen died upon consuming puffer fish for dinner. The warning indicated that puffer fish toxin is 100 times more potent than cyanide.

ABS CBN News reported that the specific pufferfish that victimized the three was a ‘buteteng laot’. Watch the video report via Youtube: