2 Chinese tourists a******d after doing Nazi Salute in Germany

Image by Daily Mail and NPR

Two Chinese tourists were a******d in Berlin for making Nazi greetings in their photos in front of the Reichstag Palace, a spokesman for the German police said on Sunday.

The Nazi salute is short-hand for fascism, and in a number of countries, performing it can lead the perpetrators to end up behind bars.

The holidaymakers were surprised on Saturday by agents during a routine patrol making this forbidden gesture and taking each other’s photos with their smart phones outside the historic site in the heart of the German capital.

“An investigation into the alleged use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations was opened against the two Chinese men, aged 36 and 49,” said by a local authority.

The two men were taken to a nearby police precinct and questioned. They were released on bail of 500 euros, or nearly $600, each

The use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations, a frequent accusation against extreme right groups, is punishable by a fine or imprisonment of up to three years.

For several years now, the government in Beijing has expressed growing concern over embarrassing behavior by Chinese tourists traveling abroad, and has tried to persuade travelers to respect local laws and customs.