25-year-old bodybuilder mom with rare genetic disorder dies after taking high-protein diet and supplements

Image by Meeganheff via Instagram

Meegan Hefford, a 25-year-old Australian bodybuilder, died in a strange way two months ago, and after an autopsy, the reason for her death has been revealed.

The Australian suffered from a rare genetic condition called “urea cycle disorder” which prevents the body from properly breaking down proteins. The disease can lead to fatal levels of ammonia in the blood and poison the brain.

Hefford started a diet for the upcoming competition in September. It contained amounts of egg white and protein powder. In combination with that, the young mother goes to the gym two times  a day.

According to Perth Now, Hefford and her family were unaware that she was suffering from this rare condition that affects one in 8,000 people. This disorder, together with her high protein intake, reportedly led to her death.

A few days before she lost consciousness,  Hefford told her mother, Michelle White, that she felt bad and lacked energy. White then advised her to rest.

“I think you’re doing too much at the gym, calm down, slow it down,” White recalled. “I couldn’t believe what the doctors were telling me, she was dying. I said, ‘You have to give her more time,’ because she didn’t look sick, she looked beautiful.”

Her death prompted health experts to warn that taking supplements could be risky, even for people who may or may not have pre-existing health conditions, as reported by News AU