Aguirre slams Duterte foes’ bias: Kids killed by addicts no different from those killed by police

Image capture from Philippine Daily Inquirer's video
  • Justice secretary stuck to guns amid criticism over comments on slain Grade 11 student
  • He insisted Delos Santos’ case overblown, is being used by president’s critics
  • He also slammed their bias, asked them the difference in kids being killed by addicts or cops

MANILA, Philippines – An adamant Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II insisted the case involving Grade 11 student Kian delos Santos’ deaths at the hands of policemen was blown out of proportion even as he slammed various groups critical of President Rodrigo Duterte for riding on the issue.

“I said this was blown out of proportion. Why? Because everybody, sinakyan na ng lahat . Lalong lalo na mga human rights group, ‘yung mga group na walang nakitang tama kay President Duterte,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

[I said this was blown out of proportion. Why? Because everybody is riding on this. Especially the human rights group, and other groups who can’t see anything right with President Duterte.]

To prove his point of the groups’ bias against Duterte, Aguirre brought up the Bulacan massacre and asked whether they saw any difference in minors being killed by addicts or by policemen.

“Anong difference ng mga batang pinatay ng adik sa pinatay na bata ng mga pulis?” he asked. “Noong patayin ‘yung limang tao sa Bulacan may na-rape, may tatlong minors, bakit ni isa walang dumalaw? Even Human Rights commissioner (Chito Gascon) went to the wake of Kian yesterday.

[What’s the difference between children killed by addicts or those killed by the police? When those five people in Bulacan, including three minors, were raped and killed, why did no one attend? Even Human Rights Commissioner Chito Gascon went to the wake of Kian yesterday.]

“Dapat ipagtanggol mo rin ‘yung ibang pinapatay [You should also defend others being killed],” he added.