Amid complaints vs. choosy cabbies: LTFRB mulls more taxis on the road, tells public to assert rights

Image from Alan Peter Cayetano Supporters' Facebook account
  • LTFRB chair mulling more taxis on the road amid rising complaints of choosy drivers
  • He advised commuters to assert their rights, vowed erring drivers to face sanctions
  • He also told public to be patient as they review Uber’s suspension

MANILA, Philippines  –  With ride-sharing company Uber’s operations suspended for a month, Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) Martin Delgra III said he is considering the deployment of more taxis on the road to address the riding public’s needs.

“We would like to get the help of transport planners and the expert of UP on how to calibrate giving or opening up more franchises again to address  the supply of taxi,  I mean, to put in more supply to in order to address demand,” CNN Philippines quoted him as saying.

Delgra said more taxis would also help address the complaints against drivers who refuse to pick up passengers, thereby aggravating the problem. He added that the LTFRB is doing its best to rein in the erring cabbies and ensure they receive the proper sanctions from the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

“As with the statistics, and as to how we have resolved these cases po, I don’t have it right now. But I can assure you, we’re also hitting taxi – pasaway na mga taxi drivers po [taxis who keep committing violations],” he said.

Aside from advising the public to assert their rights against such unscrupulous, Delgra also asked for more patience as the LTFRB deliberates on Uber’s offer to pay a P10-million fine in lieu of serving the suspension.

“Alam ko masasaktan to a certain degree yung mananakay [I know that passengers will be affected to a certain degree], but when you have a TNC that is openly defying and continuously defying the rules that they have in fact put in place under the business model that they have owned, I don’t think we can work healthily with this type of investor,” he said.

This video by Bandila tells us more about the issue: