Arci Muñoz hits back at basher who said “your lips are horrible”

Image by Instagram, Pep

Rumors and speculations have already spread that Arci Muñoz underwent cosmetic surgeries to enhance her looks. More than two months ago, the multi-talented sexy actress finally spoke up; saying she does overline her lips to make it look better, and said at the time: “It’s open naman, ‘di ba? Ako personally, I’m not against it. It’s my body, and whatever is going to make me feel more comfortable and more confident sa aking sarili [with myself]…I’ll do it.” 

On June 28, Arci shared a selfie on her Instagram account, to which some netizens bashed her with rude comments.

But one caught her attention; the one with the Instagram account “@mireyatrinidad111” who commented: “Your lips look horrible.” 

Arci hit back at the ‘lucky one’ with the response: “And so is your face. ? and yer [your] attitude. ? @mireytrinidad111.

The exchange of comments attracted mixed reactions from Arci’s followerswherein some defended her, while others criticized. But of course, the real fans’ side won; who gave her support and praise.

Eventually, “@mireytrinidad111” seem to have deactivated her account, and her “horrible” comment can no longer be seen. But here’s a screenshot shared by Pep:

Image by Pep
Image by Instagram

It is not the first time Arci has responded to negative comments online. Last July, she also lashed out on a netizen who said it’s not her lips but her hips which are fake.

Arci said to the basher: “Alam mo dati problema ko ang laki ng balakang ko! Kung puwede nga lang bawasan… pero hindi, asset iyan, sabi ng nanay ko. Ang dapat mabawasan ay ang mga taong katulad mo dito sa mundo. @meehappymama haduken!!!” [You know what, my enormous hips have always been my problem! If only I could lessen it a bit… but no, my mother said it’s an asset. What needs to be lessened in this world is people like you! @meehappymama haduken!!!]

Hips you say? (click image for article)

Image by Instagram