Baby rescued alive after being buried under rubble for hours following earthquake

Image capture of video via ABC News

A 7-month-old baby was miraculously pulled out from a rubble after a 4.3 magnitude earthquake occurred  in the Italian island Ischia on Monday night.

Pasquale, the baby boy, was rescued at 4am local time, seven hours after the shock. His brothers Cyro, 3 and Mattias, 5, hiding safely under the bed all night, were also freed at 10am, Tuesday. According to Express news story, their cries alerted the rescuers of their presence within the vicinity.

Their pregnant mom, Alessia, and her husband Alessandro  were rescued earlier before the children.

Neighbors called it a miracle that all of them survived, whereas the same earthquake have left two people dead and injured about 40 others according to the director of the island’s hospital.

The incident caused the tourists and residents alike to leave the island for fear of aftershocks. Three extra ferries were provided for them.

According to reports, six buildings collapsed in the town of Casamicciola including a church. A woman reportedly died after being hit by the church’s falling debris.

It will have been exactly a year ago on August 24 when a devastating earthquake that killed nearly 300 people in central Italy happened.

The European Union’s humanitarian chief aid offered their condolences to the victims of the earthquake and also offered help as needed.

Commissioner Christos Stylianides praised the volunteers or as he put it  – the brave first responders – working tirelessly on the scene to save lives. He considers them great example for people to follow.