British national manages to fly from London to Berlin using girlfriend’s passport

Image via Pixabay

Considering how strict international airlines are with their passport checks and identity verification, it’s hard to imagine a man managed to fly from London to Germany using his girlfriend’s passport!

The man who is a British national traveled from London’s Gatwick airport to Berlin without the airline or UK immigration authorities noticing the error.

Michael Randall, 23, succeeded in overcoming safety checks at the British airfield and boarded a flight from easyJet to Berlin, where he will attend a motorcycle race, before realizing that he was carrying a wrong document.

He only realized the error when he got off the plane, after which he decided to report it to the immigration agents, who held him in Germany to interrogate him.

Speaking to local media, Randall, who has dark hair unlike his girlfriend, Charlotte, who is blonde, as seen in the passport photograph, explains that he took the document from his partner by mistake after they returned from a recent holiday together in France.

For their part, easyJet airline has told the press that the correct details of the passengers were processed through the internet and that they will now investigate “how a passenger could have traveled and pass through security checks with the wrong passport”.