Candaba mayor distributes thousands of chickens for free

Image capture of video by ABS-CBN
  • Candaba mayor distributed thousands of free chickens to local residents
  • The chicken distribution activity was a bid to show that Candaba town was not affected by the bird flu outbreak
  • Thousands of residents showed up to receive their free chickens from the mayor

Mayor Danilo Baylon of Candaba town in Pampanga, led the distribution of at least 4,000 broiler chickens to local residents in a bid to prove to the public that the town is free from bird flu.

As mentioned in a Manila Bulletin story dated August 26, 2017, Mayor Baylon, assisted by his municipal employees, distributed live chickens to thousands of residents of Candaba.

“This is only to prove to the public that Candaba is free of the avian flu virus,” Baylon, who shared that he had been distributing free chickens to his constituents even before the bird flu outbreak in the province, said.

According to the mayor, the chicken distribution activity was also aimed to show that broilers or chickens reared for its meat were not affected by the outbreak.

One of the recipients of free chickens attested that chickens and other poultry products from Candaba are safe to eat.