Dela Rosa on high death rate: “We’d rather buhay ‘yung pulis ko kesa patay ‘yung pulis ko”

Image by Inquirer

The death of the most recent ‘war on drugs’ suspect, 17-year-old Kian Loyd Delos Santos, has prompted the chief of Philippine National Police (PNP), Ronald Dela Rosa to speak about the alarmingly high death rate during operations conducted by the police in and around Metro Manila.

Dela Rosa sympathizes with the family members of those killed as they carry on President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs; however, he also said that it’s better that way than see his men killed.

“We’d rather buhay ‘yung pulis ko kesa patay ‘yung pulis ko. ‘Yan lang po sa akin.”

He mentioned that he knows how hard it must be to lose someone close to you and he is sorry for what happened especially to Kian’s family but quickly added he’d rather have his police alive because their deaths will cause distress to the PNP as a whole and their respective families.

The PNP chief considers the high number of death related to drug operations ‘normal’ considering the extent of their undertaking when asked to comment on it and insisted that this only entails that the police are doing their job.

This week has one of the highest death toll since the launch of Duterte’s anti-drug campaign with more than 70 people killed in separate police operations in Manila and its neighboring cities.

“People should be alarmed when drugs were freely available on the streets and not when drug suspects were being killed in police operations. What happens during police operations are beyond our control.”

He doesn’t consider it alarming when a suspect dies if they tried to resist arrest.