Delivery truck crash causes hundreds of pizza to spill on highway

Image by Mashable via Arkansas DOT Twitter, Emma Pettit, DiGiorno Pizza

You probably heard some news that a truckload of beer got scattered all over the road. And what do we think could be the perfect partner for that? Perhaps a tumbled truck full of pepperoni and cheese pizza flying onto a highway?

A main road linking Dallas and Memphis in the U.S. was brought to a four-hour standstill after a delivery truck crashed into a bridge; sending nearly a thousand pepperoni pizzas flying across the road. Frozen pizzas while in the truck, but heated on the hot road like that on your microwave.

The truck was delivering a mix of pizzas from (Nestlé) DiGiorno and Tombstone brands when it outmaneuvered on the road on August 9, 2017. The truck scraped a bridge support, causing the trailer to get sliced open, allowing its contents to get spilled all over the road.

The pizzas reportedly blocked the entire westbound carriageway and left big smears of red tomato sauce across the busy interstate road near Little Rock, Arkansas.

Recovery vehicles including payloaders were called in just to scoop up the huge mess.

Showing the clean-up in operation, local news reporter Emma Pettit tweeted the videos below: