Duterte revives revolutionary gov’t idea, points out Cory’s mistake

Image by The Filipino
  • President again brought up the idea of having a revolutionary gov’t
  • He said setup can bring real change minus criticism over martial law
  • He said Cory Aquino’s gov’t was also revolutionary but missed a golden opportunity though

MANILA, Philippines  –  President Rodrigo Duterte brought up the idea of the Philippines having a revolutionary government again as he stressed this was  the only feasible way to bring about change quickly.

“For me, my advice to a President who wants to change, do not go for martial law,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying. “They will just make an issue of it. Go for a revolutionary government so that everything will be finished.”

Duterte pointed out that the late Cory Aquino’s government was also revolutionary in character. However, he said Aquino —while restoring democracy— missed a golden opportunity for progress when she handed back power to the politicians.

“Ang mali lang kasi ni Ma’am Aquino was ibinigay niya uli sa mga politiko [The mistake of Ma’am Aquino was to give it all back to the politicians],” he said. “So balik [they came back]. It was the golden opportunity.

“If Cory can do it, why can’t you also do it? Why? Is there a monopoly here for our love for our country?” he added.

The president emphasized though that he wouldn’t be the one to head this revolutionary government should it become a reality.

“For the Philippines to really go up, sabi ko, ang kailangan ng mga tao is not martial law. Go for ginawa ni Cory, revolutionary government,” he said. “Pero huwag kayong magtingin sa akin, hindi ako pwede diyan, na you declare all positions of the government vacant and change all.”

[For the Philippines to really go up, I said, what the people need is not martial law. Go for what Cory did, revolutionary government. But don’t look at me. I cannot go there. You declare all positions of the government vacant and change all.]