Duterte warns Iloilo City mayor: Quit drug-related activities now or else

Image from Presidential Communications Office's Facebook page
  • President warned Iloilo City mayor to quit alleged involvement in illegal drugs
  • He said he will be forced to take action against the mayor if he persists
  • He also warned other narco-politicians to stop with their activities

MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte warned Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog to stop with his alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade following the reassignment of Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido to his place.

According to the president, Mabilog’s name has repeatedly remained on the list of public officials alleged to be involved in the proliferation of illegal drugs.

“I will tell you again, mayor, you are accused. For the longest time, you are included in the updated list. Frankly, you may want to stop your drug connections while nothing is happening yet,” the Sun Star quoted him as saying.

Warning Mabilog not to coddle drug personalities and go against the police, Duterte said he would really be forced to act against the mayor should he do otherwise.

“Do not protect. Do not go against the police. Do not just mess up with the. If you are in cahoots with them, you are also a drug lord. I will be forced to act on it. Why would you be a drug protector?” he said. “If you are not content on your salary, then leave. Be a drug lord instead. You would get billions of pesos but in turn, you will get killed.”

The president also gave the same warning to public officials involved in illegal drugs; saying he will not allow them to destroy the country.

“We don’t have to fool each other. To those who are rich already, stop. Stop it. Stop because it will jeopardize the lives of the next generation. I will not allow it,” he said.