“Frozen in time”: Man donates his dead wife’s body to science, hoping to be revived

Image by Wikimedia Commons

A Chinese woman, Zhan Wenlian passed away at the age of 49 due to lung cancer in May 2017. Her husband, Gui Junmin, decided to donate her body to a “life preservation project,” as per a story by Mirror. She became the first person in China to be cryogenically frozen.

The husband hopes that Zhan can be revived one day using more advanced medical techniques. Apparently, the couple shared a belief in new and emerging technologies. Gui and Zhan were also against cremation and they wanted to give back to society by donating Zhan’s body to science.

After he dies, Gui is also planning to donate his body. “If my wife wakes up, she might be lonely. I need to keep her company,” he said.

Zhan will be looked after at the Yinfeng Biological Group in Jinan, Shandong Province. Her frozen body will be kept in stasis while submerged in 2,000 liters of liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius.

Director Jia Chusheng of the Yinfeng Biological Group said: “Zhan and her family are clear about the risks and the possibility that the procedure might ultimately fail.”

“But as someone who has donated her body to science, she also gains hope of being revived one day,” Chusheng added.

The project is a collaboration between Yinfeng Biological Group, Qilu Hospital Shandong University and the United States-based non-profit organization Alcor Life Extension Foundation.