Hilarious: Taxi driver refuses to get the “padagdag” he asked for after passenger cast a ‘spell’

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Would you care for a few minutes of “laugh time?”

Since the launching of Uber and Grab in the Philippines, taxi cabs have been ditched by many commuters and it’s been the go-to transport system of many of our fellow Filipinos who do not want to participate in the messy public transportation in our country.

There are lots of reasons why people prefer Grab or Uber over taxi cabs. Taxi cabs are metered and whether or not you’re moving, the meter increases and sometimes drivers would intentionally go along a longer route just so they can get more money.

Meanwhile, with Uber or Grab, they use the latest technology in guiding the way to your destination and already have fixed fare. People also find it way safer since the drivers are registered and if something happens, they can be held accountable for it.

But the most well-known drawback in using taxi is their overpriced transport fare and would usually ask for additional payment from passengers or what is mostly known to us as “padagdag.”

Recently, LTFRB suspended the license to operate of Uber. Grab, on the other hand has an expired accreditation and hasn’t been renewed yet, as per Rappler. This left many people devastated leaving them with no choice but to ride the dreaded taxi and deal with the usual “padagdag.”

However, Joselito Delos Reyes has other ideas which may be used for the next time you ride the taxi.

He posted last August 16 a possible conversation between passenger and a cab driver — wherein once you tell him where you’re headed and the driver gives his usual spiel saying there will be traffic on the way but it will be fine as long as you give an additional 100 pesos.

Upon arrival, the meter would read 209 pesos and before handing him your “dagdag”, try whispering into the money some Latin-sounding gibberish words  and say it like how you would summon a demon with matching eye twitching like you’re being possessed. He will for sure not accept it anymore and shove you out of the car faster than lightning.

The post has earned 24k likes and nearly 3,500 shares on Facebook. Well, this might just be the answer to your taxi’s ‘padagdag’ problems!





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