“I’ve got work to do”: Cop’s final words to family before he died in hurricane Harvey flooding

Image by Houston Police Department via Facebook account

What could be more devastating than an unexpected farewell of a husband to a wife without having any single clue that he’s never ever coming back?

Sergeant Steve Perez, 60, a Houston Police Officer, died when the devastating flood waters submerged his patrol car in downtown Houston.

He left his home very early in the morning and drove off to work for two and a half hours amid the dangerous flood levels across the city, as disclosed in a Mirror news story.

His wife, Cheryl, was urging him not to leave but as a dedicated officer for 34 years, he still pushed through; telling her that he has “work to do”.

He has been circling and trying different routes for hours, looking for roads that are still passable when he was caught by the fast-rising floodwaters in an underpass causing his untimely demise.


Rescuers recovered the body of Sgt. Perez inside the flooded vehicle two days after the tragic incident.

As a tribute, Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner tweeted “Sergeant Perez fulfilled his purpose. His mission is complete.”

He added, “This city ought to celebrate his life. 9K police and fire working to serve.”

Since Hurricane Harvey hit on Friday, record breaking amounts of rain have fallen in Texas. The immediate aftermaths are very apparent – declaration of state of emergency, people having to forcefully leave their home, severed dams, submerged neighborhoods, thousands of people left temporarily homeless and more than 20 deaths connected to the storm.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump visited thousands of homeless residents to further assess and evaluate the government’s initial actions for recovery, which will take years to fully overcome.