Knockout! Victorious Pinoy boxer uses Ippo Makunouchi’s ‘Dempsey Roll’ in this trending video

Image by Youtube, Hajime no Ippo Wikia

A Pinoy boxer fighting a Lao competitor is featured in a three minute-49 second video that is currently trending on YouTube. What makes it special is how the video creator reimagines the scenes from the famous anime “Hajime no Ippo” because of the way the pinoy boxer executes his moves. And one of those moves is quite similar to Makunouchi Ippo’s “Dempsey Roll”.

But what exactly is the Dempsey Roll? According to Hajime no Ippo wiki, the Dempsey Roll was a technique developed and used by real-life boxer William Harrison “Jack” Dempsey. In the Anime Hajime no Ippo, it was adapted by featherweight boxer Makunouchi Ippo and subsequently became the latter’s ever-evolving signature move.


The user lowers his stance and central balance and begins to aggressively weave his body in a pattern similar to the shape of a figure eight, making it increasingly difficult for the opponent to trace his movements accurately.

The user then fires (starting from either left or right) a series of rapidly executed punches whilst continuing their bobbing and weaving, catching the target in a high paced barrage of punches that few succeed on escaping from. As the Dempsey Roll is a flurry of hooks thrown with the fighter’s full body weight behind him, few fighters can withstand it should it land successfully, particularly if it isn’t guarded against.

Some may say that what the Pinoy boxer did was simply “bob and weave”, so we might need a real boxing enthusiast to help us determine which is which. But enough of the talk and let’s head straight into action. Let’s appreciate the effort by this video creator which he uploaded on Youtube for Anime and boxing fans. Watch this: