Lapeña happy with new appointment as BOC chief, vows not to fall to corruption

Image from Provincial Government of South Cotabato's Facebook account
  • New Customs commissioner thanked president for new role in gov’t
  • He vowed not to become corrupted, eaten in the system
  • He also promised to do his best to clean up the BOC, eradicate smuggling of illegal drugs

MANILA, Philippines  –  New Bureau of Customs (BOC) Commissioner Isidro Lapeña expressed happiness with his new role and thanked President Rodrigo Duterte for the opportunity to clean up the government agency dubbed as one of the country’s most corrupt.

“I am happy that I have the trust and confidence of the President to become BOC commissioner,” the Philippine Star quoted him as saying. “I always support the decision and wisdom of the President. I know he means well for the people he is sworn to serve and protect.”

Pointing to his past record in government service, Lapeña said he is confident he would not become corrupted by the system.

“My record shows I have never been involved in any scandal and I have always worked diligently as a government official,” he said.

Lapeña added it was an opportunity for him to eradicate corruption in the BOC and the smuggling of illegal drugs —an objective similar to when he was head of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

“It is good that I will be with Customs because it is also one way to help curb the supply of illegal drugs from other countries. It is also along the line of the President’s aim of ridding the country of the drug menace. I think that is really why I am being placed in Customs,” he said.

Lapeña’s predecessor, Nicanor Faeldon had been heavily criticized for the shipment of P6.4-billion worth of drugs through the BOC’s express lane. He has also been accused by lawmakers of receiving bribes — a charge which he denies.