Man, 28, sues hospital for giving him to wrong parents at birth; ‘his mother’ also sues hospital, wants real son back plus compensation

Image by Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital, Kan Kan News, Shanghaiist

How would you feel, if after 28 long years raising and loving a son, you find out one day that he is not yours?

How would you feel, if the only mother you knew all your life turned out one day that she is not. And that boy’s father? The father always thought and had the feeling that the son was ‘too handsome’ to be his own seed.

A man, 28 years old, is suing a Shanghai hospital for apparently giving him to the ‘wrong’ parents shortly after his birth almost three decades ago. And he is being joined in the lawsuit by his ‘known’ mom, who would also like to know where her real biological son is. Quite painful, isn’t it?

Zhang (the mother) told Kan Kan News: ‘[My son] has big eyes and a high nose bridge. His father is not very good looking and is quite different [from my son].’

The son, surnamed Wang, said that people around him had always joked that he looked nothing like his father. Eventually, the teasing and rumors that his mother had an affair became too much for Wang’s father; resulting to their divorce in 2004.

In 2011, the broken family decided to ‘find out the truth’ with a blood test. The test showed that Wang had no blood relation to his father.

Another test was conducted in 2016, and surprisingly, it proved that Wang’s mom was not his biological mother either.

With the shocking informations in hand, Wang and his “mother”, filed a lawsuit last month against the Shanghai No 1 Maternity and Children’s Health Hospital. They say that the hospital’s maternity ward had made a colossal mistake and mixed up newborns, asking for 1.3 million yuan (Php9.7M) in compensation for the screw up.

The mother remembers that after giving birth via C-section in February 1989, her baby was taken away from her for tests. And when the infant was returned to her three days later, it refused her breast milk and had to be breast fed by another mother.

The Shanghai hospital pledged to take responsibility if indeed an error was committed, with a promise to help Zhang find her real son and Wang, his actual parents.

Earlier, when Zhang tried to find out some information about what happened, she was told that the records were too old to be located.

The hospital said in a statement on July 28 that they had formed a team to investigate the case and they would try their best to find out the truth.