Man loses half his face to cancerous tumor

Image via Facebook

Doctors mistook Jamie Mirrlees’ dangerous cancer to a harmless condition when he consulted his abnormally watery eyes and they chalked it up to simply being a blocked tear duct.

He had been suffering from watery eyes for years before medics finally diagnosed him with stage four cancer. A giant tumor has already formed on his face.

The malignant tumor extended from his forehead to his neck and it had to be removed; thus he lost half his face including one eye, half his nose, big part of his cheek, and most of his teeth leaving a gaping hole on one side of his face.

A large part of the 42-year-old man’s back muscles and arm skin was taken to help rebuild his face as much as they could and that left a massive scar on his body.

He is very much thankful to be alive but the surgery not only put a dent on him financially but it has also impacted his life very much because he couldn’t eat or swallow properly, his speech is also affected and he couldn’t spend time with his children or grandchildren because of embarrassment.

He blames the whole thing to the doctors’ misdiagnosis although they argued that there was one appointment that he missed but he denied any of their claims.

Jamie mentioned that he did change address but all his mails then were received by his sister and he doesn’t see any reason why his own sister would let him miss an appointment.

According to the health board spokeswoman, as per a story by The Sun, Jamie went to an ophthalmologist twice in 2011 to have his condition treated but never showed up again after that. The next time he was seen by a specialist was in 2015 where he was diagnosed with tumor and underwent a major operation in September of same year. And they have not received any complaint from Mr. Mirrlees.

She did also mention that should he ask to formally meet with them to discusss any concerns, staff would be happy to do so.

“We do wish him well for his ongoing reconstructive surgery,” she added.