Man who worked for Parojinog family as hitman, drug courier surfaces

Image capture of video by ABS-CBN

• A self-confessed hitman and drug courier for the Parojinog family surfaced
• The man revealed the involvement of the Parojinogs in the illegal drug trade
• The Parojinogs were also involved in bank robberies, the man claimed

A man who claimed he worked for the Parojinog family for two decades as hitman and drug courier surfaced to confess the crimes he committed for the family’s organized crime group.

According to ABS-CBN, the self-confessed hitman and drug courier who was interviewed by the TV network’s news team is included in the Ozamiz City police’s watchlist of personalities involved in crimes.

“Noel” (not his real name) said he decided to come out because a lot of the Parojinog’s henchmen like him are missing and are unable to go back to their families. He revealed the involvement of the Parojinogs not only in the illegal drug trade, but also in bank robberies.

“We got about 50 to 60 kilos of drugs weekly from Herbert “Ampang” Colanggo. The Parojinog siblings would divide among themselves drugs from Manila,” “Noel” said.

He also said they robbed banks in Manila and were able to steal millions that were also divided by the members of the Parojinog family among themselves.

Noel said he killed people for the family.

Click here to view ABS-CBN’s interview with “Noel.”