Outgoing Customs chief Faeldon explains why they failed to nab a single corrupt employee

Image from Bureau of Customs PH's Facebook account
  • Outgoing Customs chief lamented importers’ uncooperativeness in helping end corruption
  • He said their lack of whistleblowing resulted in failure to nab even one single corrupt worker
  • He also welcomed successor, said he hopes he doesn’t experience the same pitfalls

MANILA, Philippines – Outgoing Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon lamented the lack of cooperation from importers in helping end the culture of corruption in the BOC; saying their silence essentially meant the continuation of the system.

“It is so unfortunate that among you 12,000 importers, not a single one has the courage to come forward and let me know who among our employees are on the take,” ABS-CBN quoted him as saying.

According to Faeldon, the deafening silence resulted in zero apprehension of corrupt BOC workers.

“For us to be able to prosecute, you have to come forward, courageous enough to stand by your statement and let us file cases against them,” he said. “Until you do so, everyone who wants to destroy the name of this bureau can continue to destroy it successfully because wala tayong nahuhuli [we can’t catch anyone].”

While saying he did his best to institute reforms, Faeldon nevertheless welcomed his successor former Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) chief Isidro Lapeña at the helm of the BOC and said he only hopes he doesn’t experience the same pitfalls he did.

“Before my assumption on July 1, 2016, medyo na-confuse na ako to determine which is right and wrong in those text [messages]. Sana po hindi n’yo ito nararanasan ngayon [I hope you don’t experience it now], he said. “Commissioner Lapeña is a better commissioner than me. He’s a better person than me. He is a better person than me in all aspects of public service.”