Paolo Contis has no plan to replace Paulo Avelino as Aki’s dad

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  • Actor Paolo Contis has no plan to replace Paulo Avelino as Aki’s father
  • Aki is Paulo’s son with actress LJ Reyes
  • Paolo’s touching birthday post for Aki recently went viral

Actor Paolo Contis clarified that he has no plan to replace Paulo Avelino as Ethan Akio’s father.

In an article written by Nerisa Almo of PEP, Paolo said he does not want to take Paulo’s place in the life of Aki. Paolo, the current boyfriend of Aki’s mom LJ Reyes, said he has, however, become very close to the child because he is very lovable.

“Aki is very easy to love, very sweet boy,” he expressed.

Paolo said he has no plans to replace Paulo — he only wants to be there for Aki.

“It’s not my intention, but, of course, I’m there for him. He knows that, I’m always there for him. I think mas better kasi friends kami. He can technically tell me anything because we’re friends,” he shared.

“Father figure, yes. But more than anything, he knows that I’m not gonna judge him because we’re friends. So, feeling ko, mas fun. Feeling ko, mas strong ‘yong foundation,” he added.

Earlier, Paolo posted a cute photo album of him and Aki. The child is sleeping in all the pictures shared by the actor.

“Happy birthday, Akio! You already know everything I want to tell you. Just remember to always be a good boy to your mommy, okay? I will always have your back no matter what! I love you, big boy!” he expressed.

“Ang saya-saya natin sa pics noh? Sobrang enjoy kang kasama ako!” he joked.

[We look so happy in the pictures, right? You seem to enjoy my company!]

A lot of Instagram users were touched by Paolo’s post.

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