Potato Corner CEO shares the strategy towards a billion-peso franchising business

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Potato Corner opened its first outlet in October 1992 and began franchising the year after. Starting from a humble kiosk-type business, the brand has grown into opening in-line stores across multiple locations from schools, malls, and tourist destinations in the country. And now, the franchise name has 550 stations not only in the Philippines but countries abroad like U.S.A., Australia, Panama, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other parts of the world.

Potato Corner chief executive officer Jose “Jomag” Magsaysay Jr. shares the company’s story and strategy towards the billion-peso business through a publication by the Asian Institute of Management.

Here’s how “Jomag” turned Potato Corner into a long-term success:


When Jomag graduated from ME (Master in Entrepreneurship), he resigned from Mister Donut. Then he presented the five-year business plan for Potato Corner that he wrote during the ME to his former partners.

“I told them, if they liked the plan, could I run Potato Corner again?” Jomag said.

The plan included streamlining and building systems for the company and strengthening various supply chains.


“I really believe in ‘one thing at a time.’ Potato Corner grew the way it did because we focused. We had a lot of opportunities to explore because of the success of the business, but we realized it was successful precisely because we were so focused,” said Jomag.


Potato Corner has always been marketed toward kids. Maybe this explains the branding elements and the presence of a smiling potato mascot.

Jomag’s advice: “If you want a brand to stick, market it to kids.”

It is best to build the relationship while your market is still young, he explains, because “when you market to teenagers and adults, they will shift to the next big thing. But kids? Once you get them, they’re yours for life!”

Additional information

  • Potato Corner’s mascot is officially named “Spudster.”
  • Potato Corner CEO Jose “Jomag” Magsaysay Jr. is a nephew of the late Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay.
  • Just in case you have overlooked the numbers, Potato corner has been with us for more than two decades.
  • You can invite Potato Corner to your personal events, children’s parties, weddings, family gatherings and more! Click Potato Corner Parties for more details.
  • Potato Corner became the recipient of the Franchise Excellence Hall of Fame Awardby the Philippine Franchise Association. The Department of Trade and Industry recognizes the company for winning the Best Franchise of The Year Award for three consecutive years.
  • 1993 – Potato Corner opens its doors to franchising, which started its “hyper-growth era”. Mr. Rene Domingo becomes the first ever Franchisee! Click Potato Corner Franchise for franchising details.
  • CEO Jomag is a green archer, which means he studied at La Salle University, and he literally is an archer as he loves the sport and conducts tournaments for archery.

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