Remember JAMICH? After 2 years, looks like Mich Liggayu has found new love

Photos from the Instagram accounts of Mich Liggayu and Jamich

Looks like after two years of Jam Sebastian’s passing, Mich Liggayu of the viral couple Jamich has found new love.

The viral couple Jamich was popular around 2015 because of their sweet vlogs. They were the ultimate #couplegoals, with some of their videos garnering up to more than 9 million views.

Image by JamichTV via YouTube account

They were still at the peak of their popularity when Jam Sebastian was diagnosed with lung cancer. It has saddened their fans and the couple’s families very much. While Jam was battling cancer, Mich proposed to him in a heartfelt message of “Will you be my happily ever after?” However, Jam eventually passed away on March 4 after a year-long battle.

There were controversies that followed Mich after Jam’s passing. There were stories that right after Jam’s death, she was apparently seeing aspiring singer Neo Domingo. There was also purportedly a rising conflict with Jam’s mother regarding financial matters.

But two years after, looks like Mich has moved on and found a new love of her life.

On her Instagram account, we see her being affectionate with a “mystery guy”. It sure looks like she’s quite careful not to reveal the face of the man whom she fondly refers to as “boss.”