Rock band singer calls out attention of the man who sexually assaulted a female fan in the crowd: “Not in my show”

Image by NPO 3FM via Twitter

The lead singer of the British rock band Architects, Sam Carter, has been praised for calling out a man who allegedly sexually assaulted a female fan while she was crowd surfing at the Lowlands Festival.

Carter interrupted the concert in Amsterdam on Friday to denounce the sexual assault he had just witnessed.

“I saw a girl, a woman, crowd surfing over here. I’m not going to point out who but I saw you grab at her boob,  it is disgusting and there is no place for that” he said on the video.

“It’s not your body and you do not grab someone. Not on my show. If you want to start again, I advise you to go to the exit and not to come back! “

This speech was hailed by the audience, but also by many users who watched the sequence on social networks.

@samarchitects sam, this was very important and meaningful. Please continue to do this work. Love from your old pal Lizzie in Toronto.” says a twitter user.

“@samarchitects thank you for saying something, it makes me so happy to see that people are talking about this issue instead of ignoring it” says another.

Watch the video below.