Russia and China will aim for the moon to deepen space cooperation

Image via Pixabay

China and Russia will sign an agreement to deepen their space cooperation, which will include the possibility of joint manned missions to the moon, the People’s Daily has disclosed.

The agreement is expected to be signed next October to establish joint cooperation between 2018 and 2022, and will include five areas, including the possible return of man to the moon and other unmanned missions into the far space.

In addition, the development of special materials, cooperation in satellites, management of space scrap and remote sensing of the Earth will be included, a spokesman for the Communist Party of China said.

The media recalls that this will not be the first space agreement between Beijing and Moscow, but the first that covers a period of five years, which will allow setting more ambitious goals.

Due to budgetary problems, Russia has not been able to maintain the level of ambition of the former USSR in the space terrain, while China has a very broad, though secret, but less experienced budget.

The Chinese space program is extremely ambitious; whereby in the coming months it is planned to launch a mission that will bring Earth samples of the Moon, and in 2018 will launch the first module of its own space station, which is expected to be completed in 2022.

In addition, China plans to send a mission to Mars in 2020 with a robot for scientific research.