Solon says embattled Faeldon honest, but a noob and amateur in Customs management

Image from Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon's Facebook account
  • Administration ally said Customs chief honest, but unused to complex operations of BOC
  • He said Faeldon’s corrupt subordinates manipulating him to continue illicit activities in Customs
  • He also questioned hiring of athletes, said Faeldon must implement real reforms to clean up BOC

MANILA, Philippines  –  An ally of the Duterte administration said embattled Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon — despite being honest himself — was being led around the nose by his corrupt subordinates because of his lack of knowledge of the BOC’s operations.

“Commissioner Faeldon might be clean and true to his mandate but I don’t feel the same way on the people who are with him. That shabu shipment that passed through the green lane could have not happened without the knowledge of people in his office,” GMA News quoted Pwersa ng Bayaning Atleta (PBA) party-list Rep. Jericho Nograles as saying. “Pinapalusutan siya ng kanyang mga bata-bata [His underlings are passing through under his nose].”

Pointing to the BOC’s risk-management system which classifies all incoming cargo as “green” or safe by default, Nograles said Faeldon made a “noob” and “amateurish” mistake because his system was easy to manipulate.

According to Nograles, all cargo should have been designated as “red” which would warrant stricter inspection and make it harder for smugglers to pass their merchandise.

“This is basic management. If you alter the system, you can trace who actually altered it but if you simply miss out in inputting the parameters, the people who are tasked to do this can simply claim that they forgot,” he said.

The lawmaker also questioned Faeldon’s defense of the hiring of athlete-consultants; saying he should focus more on reforming the BOC to improve its image.

“You cannot erase the bad image of Customs by hiring ex-athletes or even popular showbiz personalities. That’s bad management.  What Faeldon needs to do it to work harder to achieve their revenue targets and people would really believe that he has succeeded in the cleaning the BOC scalawags and misfits,” he said.