Tee Radio Launches the Philippines’ First Ever Online Sitcom!

Image by Tee Radio via Facebook page

“Handa ka na ba para sa isang online sitcom?”

Tee Radio, an online radio station, and the first of its kind, will launch the first ever Social Media sitcom entitled “BARANGAY TEEGANG” on September this year.

The goal of this hilariously-themed social media project is to showcase the Filipino comedy culture following the influence of the 90’s TV hits and to bring laughter among its 6 million (and counting), followers.

Admit it or not, we Pinoys love to laugh, so why not an online sitcom, right?

Pinoy Humor at its Best

Created by CJ Santos, the show is primarily centered on the friendship of Jeff, Rhodman and Kurt, who were forced to transfer to a new apartment owned by Tita Malou and Don Roman who both claimed ownership to the house and the lot it stands on.

Jeff, a culinary student; Rhodman, a college varsity player; and Kurt, a musician, will now experience the daily travails in their new barangay and its citizens — their landlady, Tita Malou, with her twins, Jingle and Jinky, as well as their helper Yaya Nene.

There’s also hilarious Don Roman, a local gambling chief with his bodyguards Brando and Jumbo, with Bogart, the local bully. Included also is Kap, the local barangay captain, with his trusty tanod, Johnson.

The kindness of Jeff, awkwardness of Kurt and comic relief of Rhodman is the main focus of the show, wherein they will also experience love with the introduction of the girls, Princess, Marie, Vienna and Felicity. They will all be part of adventures and misadventures that befalls the crazy barangay that is Teegang.

“Parating na ang mga bagong lipat sa #BarangayTeeGang! Abangan ang pinaka-riot na social media sitcom, soon on Tee Radio!” their caption goes on this shared trailer.

Tara let’s!

The show stars, Gexter Abad as JEFF, Lloyd Abella as RHODMAN, Ivan Morriel as KURT, Daniella Cristofani as PRINCESS, Abbygail Saenz as MARIE, Veronica Gualberto as VIENNA with Kim Ashley Tatel as YAYA NENE. Also starring are the TEE RADIO Stalwarts, Jack Logan as DON ROMAN, DJ Urs as TITA MALOU, DJ Lady Chx as JINGLE, DJ China Bebe as JINKY, DJ Kiko Mola as BOGART, DJ Rona as NAY RHODA, DJ Choco Mambo as BRANDO and DJ Kwek Kwek as JUMBO.

Tee Radio CEO/President, Louie Mark Kempis believes that this show will begin a trend of online shows that will generate more interest and participation of the majority public that constantly engage online and in social media.

CJ Santos, Interim COO/Vice President of Tee Radio and the show’s creator, reminisces on the old 90’s sitcoms and came up with the idea of this new show to be presented on social media, and believes it will certainly be a possible hit, due to the fact that no other entity has tried this before.

Tapped to helm the show is Tracy Thunder (aka Jamieson Tracy Lee) an industry player for several years; who shares the president’s and the creator’s vision of bringing this show to the social media public as an endeavor that will truly bring joy to the masses. He believes that having a show that brings comedy back to the airwaves is a fresh, but nostalgic take, but a joyous one amidst the now usual teleseryes and day time soaps.

Barangay TeeGang is an original production by Tee Radio Media Entertainment INc. in cooperation with Brainhouse Film Production.